But to ensure things remain that way, here's a few of the things we're doing to keep everyone safe...

- We've reduced the size and number of our in-house tables, and moved a number of tables outside

- We're temperature checking all of our staff upon arrival at work, and keep logs for effective tracking

- We're asking customers to complete track and trace forms upon dining in with us

- We've got sanitisation stations for peeps to get sanitised upon entering the cafe

- Our serving staff will wear visors whenever serving a table

- Our menus are all laminated and disinfected regularly

- We've done away with sugar cubes, using only packaged sticks from now on

- We've removed shared condiments from the tables, to ensure we can sanitise each bottle between use

- We've implemented extra checks and sanitisation measures on all touch points and high risk areas

- We're asking all take out customers to wear masks whenever in the building

- We're sanitising tables and chairs between use

We're doing as much as we can to keep you safe whilst ensuring our future is secure, please help us to help you by adhering to the above and being kind and patient with us as we work everything out. Thank you for all your support and love, we'd be nothing without you!


Trip Advisor